Upgrade the Locks at Your Home or Business, with the Help of a 24 Hour Mobile Locksmith in Strathmore

You can install cameras, automated security lights, light timers and burglar alarms, but ultimately, the security of your home or business is only as good as the security of the locks on your doors. If the security or key control of your locks is compromised, then so is the security of your property, your family and your assets.

Regardless of the events that resulted in your locks becoming compromised, Creggas Locksmiths can help. We are 24 hour locksmiths in Strathmore, offering both emergency locksmith services (re-entry, broken locks, etc.) and standard locksmith services (like rekeying, lock installation, lock repairs and security help). If you are worried that your home or business is not secure, give us a call and let us help you fix the problem.

How Lock Security Can Be Compromised

How can you know whether or not the security of your locks is compromised (and, by extension, if it’s time to call a locksmith in Strathmore for rekeying or lock replacement services)? Here are a few of the ways that lock security can become lax:

  • Your locks are old: When we think of products marked by innovation and leaps forward in technology, we’re probably more likely to think of tablets and smartphones than locks. However, innovations and developments in the locksmith field are making locks more effective and secure all the time. As a result, if you’ve had the same locks for years and years, there’s a chance they aren’t sophisticated enough to offer top-tier security. A mobile locksmith in Strathmore (like someone from Creggas Locksmiths!) will be able to tell you whether or not you are due for an upgrade.
  • You can’t guarantee good key control: ‘Key control’ is a term used to describe the methods that businesses use to make sure that certain keys are only in the hands of authorised people. However, the concept can be applied to residential keys as well. Ideally, only your family members (or in certain cases, friends or significant others) will have keys to your home. Key control for your home is knowing how many keys there are to the house and knowing who has them. When a key gets lost, that event compromises your key control because there is now a key out there that is unaccounted for. Key control can also be a concern when you buy a house because you can’t be sure that the previous tenant gave you all the copies of the key. If you bought a house that was a new construction, there’s also a possibility that a builder or tradesperson might have made a copy of the key.
  • Your locks just aren’t working well: Malfunctioning lock mechanisms are an irritation, but they can also be a security concern. If you can’t reliably lock or unlock a door to your home or business, replacing it might be the best bet.

Revamp Your Security with Locksmith Services in Strathmore

If your locks are old, broken or compromised by poor or questionable key control, call Creggas Locksmiths today. We can help you replace or rekey your locks (as well as make new keys for you) so that you can have better trust in the security of your home or business. We are also after hours locksmiths in Strathmore and can help you with lockouts or other lock-related emergencies. Regardless of what you need from us, give us a call on 0481 289 080 to discuss our services.

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