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You get home from a night with friends and find that you’ve misplaced your keys and are locked out of your home. You arrive at your business in the morning to open up for the day and your key breaks in the lock. You lose a key and are concerned that the security of your house might be compromised.

In these scenarios and many others, Creggas Locksmiths are here to offer the locksmith services you need in the Melbourne area. Whether it’s a simple re-entry service, dealing with a key that broke off in the lock mechanism itself or rekeying all of the doors to your home, we can help. Best of all, we are 24 hour locksmiths in Melbourne—which means that you can call us anytime. Day or night, week or weekend, rain or shine, just ring us and we will be there to open your doors or help with your lock problems.

What You Need to Know about Rekeying

At Creggas Locksmiths, we find that many customers call us looking for a locksmith in Melbourne due to lost or misplaced keys. This fact isn’t surprising: it’s all too easy to drop your keys without realising it, or set them down somewhere and forget to pick them up again. However, in many cases, clients will ask us to help with re-entry and won’t opt for rekeying services. They’ll retain hope of finding their lost keys or will decide simply to use a spare key and make copies of it.

The problem with this kind of plan is that the lost key is out there. While there are countless keys out there—very few of which are obviously connected to a specific property—the fact remains that someone could find your lost key and use it to gain entry to your home or business. For utmost security, then, rekeying is a worthwhile investment in cases of lost keys.

It’s important to realise that rekeying locks and replacing them is not the same thing. The rekeying process involves changing out the pins, springs and tumblers in the lock so that they work with a new key. This process allows you to keep your original lock cylinders, which results in a significantly less expensive service than a full lock replacement.

Not all locks can be rekeyed, but nowadays, most can. At Creggas Locksmiths, our mobile locksmiths in Melbourne can help you determine whether or not your locks can be rekeyed. If rekeying is possible, we can carry out the service for you to increase the security of your home or business.

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Perhaps your keys are just locked in your house, and you need someone to help you unlock the doors. Maybe re-entry and rekeying are necessary, to update security. Regardless of the lock services you need, Creggas Locksmiths is the company for the job. Call us on 0481 289 080 to take advantage of our after hours locksmith services in Melbourne.

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