Simple actions to increase the security of your Melbourne area home or business

Whether considering your home or work, you want to be sure that your premises are as secure as possible. Here are three key areas to consider about your premises’ security…

Do your locks need upgrading?

Criminals who are intent on breaking into home or work premises look for places that make it easiest for them to do so. This means that the more sophisticated and secure your locks are, the more difficult it becomes for them to gain easy access. This extra effort makes it more likely they will try elsewhere! As locks do have an effectiveness lifespan, it’s always best to check with a professional locksmith about the current standard of security for your home or business.

Is your property too easy to enter?

If your property can easily be accessed from different entry points, it becomes more difficult to make it fully secure. Limiting the entry points, and then adding extra security to them – such as installing a lock on your gate – increases the security. It’s also useful to add noisy gravel or spiky bushes around the building, but not large trees that block the view from the street. It also pays to make sure the whole area is kept tidy, suggesting that it is constantly occupied. Do also make sure that outbuildings, sheds and garages are also fully secure.

Taking advantage of good neighbours and proven alarms

Keeping an eye out for your neighbours’ properties, and having them do the same for you, is a very simple but hugely effective security measure. Adding to this with an effective alarm system, and the addition of motion sensors, helps increase the level of security.

How Creggas Locksmiths can help increase your security

If you are based within a 30 km radius of Moonee Ponds, hugely experienced owner-operator Craig Ljiljak offers a fast and friendly 24/7 service. Whether you find yourself locked out, or need new locks installed or your current locks serviced, simply call 0481 289 080 for a no-obligation discussion of your needs. All our work is professionally delivered and fully guaranteed, so do call today.

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