Fast and friendly emergency locksmith services

If you live or work within 30km of Moonee Ponds, take note of this number: 0481 289 080. Keep it with you on your phone or in your purse or wallet. Why? Because, after you are locked out of your home, you’ll need the fast and friendly emergency locksmith services provided by Creggas Locksmiths.

Which of these could happen to you?

  • As always, you insert the key into the lock of your home or business premises, and nothing happens. The key simply refuses to turn and allow you access. You struggle with it for a while, but no luck. Or, even worse, the key might break off, leaving part of it in the lock mechanism itself.
  • Arriving at your office or house door, you suddenly discover you are key-less. Too late you remember that you didn’t pick them up off the table before slamming the door shut in your rush to leave earlier in the day.
  • As you try to leave your home, you discover that you are locked in. This might be because a fault has developed in the lock itself; or it could be that a member of the family has locked the deadbolts from outside when they left, assuming you had already gone.

How Creggas Locksmiths can quickly solve your problems

You can call 0481 289 080 at any time of day or night, and on every day of the year. Owner operated by experienced locksmith Craig Ljiljak, problems caused by locks to any doors, patios, garages, windows and outbuildings can all be professionally solved. This might involve repair or replacement, whatever it takes to get you in (or out) of wherever you are.

So, to be ready when a lock lets you down or your keys are where they shouldn’t be, just remember this number, it’s answered 24/7: 0481 289 080.


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